When you're involved in a collision and an insurance claim is filed, you have certain rights that come with that claim.

Most policies require that the vehicle be returned to “pre-accident” condition.  Exactly what that means isn’t always clear, but it certainly means more than looking like it used to from a few feet way.

Like parts, not all insurance is the same. If your policy doesn’t specify OE parts, your insurance company may
require the use of a specific amount of “non-original” parts—parts that may not have been crash or performance tested,
particularly with your specific vehicle’s systems, and may not meet your vehicle manufacturer’s safety, quality and performance standards.

The insurance company paying the claim is required by the insurance contract and North Carolina insurance regulations to pay to have your vehicle repaired to its pre-loss condition at the repair shop of YOUR choice.



At Statesville Collision Center, we make sure every vehicle is repaired to the pre-loss condition and that the insurance company involved fulfills their obligation to pay for these repairs.

Below is a list of statements that are commonly made in an attempt by insurance companies to deny your claim rights.

"You must get three estimates"


According to the 11 NCAC 04.0419, you are only required to get one estimate at the repair shop of your choice.

"You must bring your vehicle to one of our drive-in claims centers"


However, it is the responsibility of the insurance company to inspect your vehicle, whether it is at your home, workplace or repair facility

No insurer shall require any claimant to use a drive-in claim service operated by the insurer. The claimant's voluntary utilization of a drive-in claim service or preferred repair shop shall not prejudice the right of either party to obtain independent appraisals and negotiate settlement on the basis of such appraisals.)

It's best to have the insurance representative inspect the vehicle at your repair shop to assure a proper appraisal by the insurance company.

"You must take your vehicle to one of our approved shops"


According to NC law relative to your rights when choosing a repair facility (N.C.G.S 58-3-180);  

A policy covering damage to a motor vehicle shall allow the claimant to select the repair service or source for the repair of the damage.

The amount determined by the insurer to be payable under a policy covering damage to a motor vehicle shall be paid regardless of the repair service or source selected by the claimant.

  • No insurer or insurer representative shall recommend the use of a particular motor vehicle repair service without clearly informing the claimant that the claimant is under no obligation to use the recommended repair service.
  • The claimant may use the repair service of the claimant's choice.
  • The amount determined by the insurer to be payable under the policy will be paid regardless of whether or not the claimant uses the recommended repair service.
  • The insurer or insurer representative has, at the time the recommendations are made, a financial interest in the recommended motor vehicle repair service. No insurer shall require that the insured or claimant must have a damaged vehicle repaired at an insurer-owned motor vehicle repair service.

"If you take your car to Statesville Collision Center, you may be responsible additional costs"


This is a scare tactic used by some insurers to try and push you to choose one of their "network" or "approved" shops.  According to all insurance policies set forth by the North Carolina Insurance Rate Bureau:  The insurance company is responsible for all costs required to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition.  

Should you choose to have your vehicle repaired at Statesville Collision Center, we will help ensure the insurance company involved fulfills that obligation.

"If you don't take it to a shop on our list, it will take much longer"


This is yet another very misleading tactic used by insurance personnel to put the fear of uncertainty in any other shop but those they approve. Insurance companies are required to inspect and settle your claim in a timely manner.  If they are unable to do so, they risk fine by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

It's Your Car, Your Choice. Make The Safe Choice. Choose Statesville Collision Center.